10 Best Chicken Dinner Recipes

1. Chicken Francese

Chicken francese isn't fancy. Though it's Italian-inspired, it just requires a few ingredients, including wine.

2. Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken is adaptable and delicious, which is why it's employed in Chinese-inspired cooking. Even though Chicken Stir Fry is your go-to,

3. Beer Can Chicken

Beer can chicken, a summer barbecue staple, is easier than you think. Beer-brine your chicken for 24 hours.

4. 1-Pan Tomato Basil Chicken

Dishes are the worst, regardless of your cooking skills. We love one-pan dishes like tomato basil chicken and rice because we're with you.

5. Chicken Piccata

For a small dinner party, Chicken Piccata is great. It should be a weeknight supper as it's easy to make.

6. Chicken Casserole

For a rich, creamy chicken casserole. Bonus? It hides vegetables, and any dinner without fighting with the kids is a victory, right?

7. Sweet and Sour Chicken

Warm pineapple is divisive. Even if you don't like it on pizza, sweet and sour chicken isn't the same without it.

8.  Chicken & Dumplings

The hot, hearty dish of chicken and dumplings has been on dinner tables for a long time, but no one knows precisely how long. 

9.  Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts are tasty and adaptable, but if they've ever been overly dry, you're not alone.

10. Sheet Pan Fried Chicken

Despite the fact that deep-fried chicken is one of life's greatest pleasures, eating it frequently may not be the healthiest option.

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