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10 Best Makeup for Glasses Wearers

Conceal Dark Circles

Conceal your dark circles and bring some brightness to the region under your eyes by using a concealer with a peach undertone.

Accentuate Your Lashes

Applying lengthening mascara to your lashes will make them stand out, which will look great with your spectacles.

Flawless Foundation

Choose a foundation that is lightweight but long-wearing if you want to smooth out your complexion without feeling like you have too much on.

 Add a Pop of Color

Choose makeup colors with a lot of vibrancy if you want people to notice your eyes even while you're wearing spectacles.

Eyeliner Techniques

Experiment with a variety of eyeliner techniques to locate the one that works best with the frames you wear and the contours of your eyes.

Avoid Clashing Colors

To achieve a style that is consistent from head to toe, try matching your eye makeup to the frames of your spectacles.

Blush Placement

When you wear glasses, make sure to apply blush a little higher up on the cheeks so that it is still visible.

 Lipstick Selection

Choose a bright lip color that goes well with your frames and helps you get a balanced look overall.