10 Cooking Myths You Can Stop Believing

1. Rinse chicken before cooking

Chicken should not be rinsed before cooking. Rinsing spreads bacteria to kitchen surfaces, whereas cooking eliminates chicken bacteria.

2. Searing Meat Seals Juices

Searing meat doesn't "lock in" liquids. Meat crusts when seared. Resting before slicing keeps meat juicy.

3. Cook with a wooden spoon.

Wooden spoons are useful for many activities, but there is no "right" cooking spoon. Use whichever spoon is most comfortable and efficient.

4. Salt in Pasta Water Cooks Faster

Salting pasta water enhances flavor but does not speed cooking. Salting water increases cooking time by a few seconds.

5. Always Cook With Olive Oil

Olive oil is fantastic for cooking, but not for everything. Olive oil burns easily. For high-heat cooking, use canola or vegetable oil.

6. Flip your steak once.

Multiple flips can balance out steak cooking. Flip the steak when the first side is properly browned.

7. Let Meat Reach Room Temperature Before Cooking.

Before cooking, meat should not be brought to room temperature. To cook meat thoroughly, cook it straight from the fridge.

8. Preheat Your Baking Sheet.

Preheating your baking sheet might assist make a crispy crust. Skip preheating for fast-cooking vegetables.

9. Let Pasta Sit in Sauce Before Serving.

Pasta can get mushy if left in sauce. Instead, serve pasta immediately after mixing with sauce.

10. Rinse mushrooms before cooking.

Rinsing mushrooms before cooking makes them soggy and flavorless. Instead, use a moist cloth.

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