10 dog phobias and anxieties

Fear of Thunder

Other loud noises may not frighten astraphobic dogs. Many dogs fear noise. Thunder, fireworks, loud music, trucks, etc. scare them.


Fear of Fireworks

Dogs often fear fireworks. Fireworks, like thunderstorms, scare many pets. This fear can make a dog run away and get lost.


Fear of Being Left Alone

Separation anxiety is fear of being home alone. When their owners depart, separation-anxious dogs act out. Barking and housebreaking while alone are further indications.


Fear of the Veterinarian

Dogs often fear vets. Dogs' first vet visits frequently involve unexpected scents, new handling, restraint, and immunizations. It's easy to see why dogs fear vet visits.


Fear of Riding in the Car

Some dogs are car-shy. Lack of early car rides causes this phobia.  Treats and praise might help your dog overcome car anxiety.


Fear of Going Up and Down Stairs

Arthritis or other mobility concerns may cause older dogs to avoid stairs, so rule out medical causes.4 A bad fall down the stairs may also cause a dog's fear.


Fear of Men

De-stress scared dogs. Fearful dogs snarl, snap, or bite. Men shouldn't touch or look at your dog. Dogs need time to overcome this fear.


Fear of Strangers

Dogs can fear strangers. Your dog can't greet everyone. Give your dog time to socialize. Forcefully welcoming a stranger may irritate a scared dog.


Fear of Children

Despite a child's genuine intentions, a dog may see affection as a threat. Some canines don't grasp children's noises, quick movements, or small size.


Fear of Specific Objects

Some dogs fear the vacuum cleaner, holiday decorations, children's toys, construction machinery, and more. Many objects may be hidden, thus this form of dread is rarely a problem.


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