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8 Menu Items McDonald's Employees Hate Making

While at least one McDonald's employee expressed annoyance with the actual coffee-making process 



For some McDonald's employees, the difficulty of correctly setting up and cleaning the machine appears to be the source of frustration when making ice cream products. 

Ice cream


Customers frequently fail to specify their Happy Meal entrée and beverage selections, requiring McDonald's employees to ask a lengthy series of queries to ensure the order is accurate.

Happy Meals


McDonald's employees and franchise owners have made their displeasure with Snack Wraps abundantly apparent; therefore, it is highly unlikely that it will return to menus, much to the delight of McDonald's employees coast to coast.

Snack Wraps


The logistical challenges of selling burgers in the morning—offering lunch and dinner options to a few interested customers while breakfast items are featured show why employees disliked making breakfast items outside of morning hours.

Breakfast items outside the normal hours


Not only is it unlikely that you will receive freshly-prepared potatoes with this request, but you will almost certainly irritate the employees taking and preparing your order if you do so.

Fries with no salt


In general, it does not appear that employees have a problem with modification requests. But "when they attempt to alter menu items to create something "new" and then complain that it didn't turn out properly,"

 Any sandwich with excessive customizations


Thus far, we have primarily concentrated on menu items that McDonald's employees despise preparing because they require excessive labor. 

Scrambled eggs




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