Things Not To Put Down The Drain

1. Bones

Throwing bones down the drain is dangerous. Thick bones challenge industrial waste disposals.

2. Fibrous Foods

Your sink and garbage disposal will die if you feed them a high-fiber diet. Celery, maize husks, and asparagus clog sinks. 

3. Coffee Grounds

If you brew coffee at work, you probably make another pot before midday. Don't flush the grounds after making coffee.

4. Eggshells

Eggshells are the most debated kitchen sink item. Most people agree that eggshells damage sinks because their membranes stick to garbage disposal blades.

5. Produce Stickers

I place the little sticker on my hand when I eat fruit for whatever reason. Before washing your fruit, remove the stickers.

6. Flour

This kitchen staple should not be flushed. Mixing flour with water changes it.Flour clogs pipes and waste disposals immediately.

7. Raw Meat And Trimmings

You are preparing meat for dinner, and you have some of the trimmings left over from the meat. To dispose of them, simply toss them down the waste disposal.

8. Potato Peels

Potato peels can clog garbage disposals. Since they're starchy, a few might clog a drain.

9. Pits, Seeds, And Kernels

You won't unintentionally put a huge peach pit in your garbage disposal.  Small seeds can cause headaches. Unpopped popcorn kernels can clog drain

10. Pasta And Rice

 Wet starchy pasta and rice expand. Mushroom risotto can't go in the garbage, but angel hair can. Avoid draining Spaghetti and rice over the sink.

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