10 Little Things That Will Instantly Ruin Your Burger 

1. Patty Slips Out 

According to several burger enthusiasts, one of the most irritating things that can occur when consuming a burger is the patty slipping out. This typically occurs when the burger is too greasy or has too many garnishes.  

2. Watery Old Lettuce 

Many people claim that lettuce is a common burger topping, but using wilted or watery lettuce can spoil the entire burger. Worthwhile because fresh, succulent lettuce adds texture and flavor to the burger. 

3. Wet Untoasted Bun 

The bun is a crucial component of the burger, and a soggy or untoasted bun can spoil the experience. A damp bun can make the burger unappetizing, while an untoasted bun can make it tasteless. 

4. When They Cost $20+ 

According to another connoisseur, a decent burger should not cost a fortune. When a burger costs $20 or more, the entire experience can be ruined.  

5. Talking While Eating 

A number of individuals wrote that speaking while consuming hinders the enjoyment of the burger's flavors and textures.  

6. Excess BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce can be a delicious complement to a burger, but excessive amounts can ruin the dish. 

7. Pickle

Pickles can be an excellent complement to a burger, but they can also ruin the dining experience. When pickles are excessively sour or excessively large, they can overpower the meat and other garnishes.

8. Skipping Seasoning

Seasoning is essential for preparing a delicious burger. Someone added that omitting seasoning can render flesh tasteless and unappealing.

9. Using Low-Quality Meat

 Using low-quality meat can ruin the complete burger. To create a good burger, the meat should be fresh, of high quality, and adequately ground.

10. Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a popular burger topping, but it must be used sparingly. While it can lend a tangy flavor to your burger, it can easily overpower the flavor of the meat and other toppings.

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