10 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Tequila

1. Mezcal and Tequila Confusion

Tequila and mezcal are quite different agave spirits. Tequila is made from blue Weber agave, while mezcal can be prepared from 50 varieties.

2. Unlearning About Tequila Kinds

All tequila is made from blue Weber agave piñas, although maturity impacts taste and color.  Tequila has four main classifications.

3. Neglecting Straight Tequila

Tequilas taste different. Most of us shot tequila with salt and lime, but this doesn't offer it the best flavor.

4. Misinterpreting Spirit History

Despite its sophistication and long history, many Americans view tequila as a cheap party starter or finisher.

5. Avoiding Super-Aged Tequila

Extra-aged tequila is new. 2006 extra añejo tequila is matured in casks for three years.

6. Avoiding Flavored Tequila

Flavored tequila is rarer than vodka and rum. New too. The Mexican Tequila Regulatory Council dubbed flavored tequila "tequila product" until 2004.

7. Disliking Margaritas

The margarita is America's favorite cocktail, followed by the martini and Moscow mule, according to CGA.

8. Tequila Only in Mexican Eateries

A little tequila at a Mexican restaurant can boost the flavor and add authenticity.

9. Overvaluing Celebrity Brands

Celebrities make rums, vodkas, and tequilas all the time. Kendall Jenner and Dwayne Johnson are tequila celebrities.

10. Ignoring Small-Batch Tequila

Small-batch tequila is made in small batches utilizing stone mills and specialized ovens.

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