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9 Mixers Every Home Bar Should Keep On Stock

Ice is a strange mixer, yet drinks need it. Whether on the rocks or up, lukewarm cocktails aren't good. Frozen water makes the greatest iced cocktails. 


Many drinks, from margaritas to mojitos and screwdrivers to sours, include citrus juice, sometimes in multiple forms. Lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits are the four citrus fruits.

Citrus Juice

Cape Codders, cosmopolitans, and sea breezes drink cranberry juice. It's fantastic on its own or in cocktails and mocktails, made from a tart fall berry.

Cranberry juice

Tomato juice isn't just a tasty savory cocktail, it's also excellent for you, thanks to all those antioxidants. This is also why tomato cocktails are frequently used to alleviate hangovers. 

Tomato juice

While both ginger beer and ginger ale are fantastic mixers, ginger beer is the preferable choice because it has more bite and can stand up to some of the stronger liquors. 

Ginger beer

Without club soda, drinks would not have become classics, making it a must-have in any home bar. There are numerous beverages to pair it with, including those from Prohibition.

Club Soda

Cola has been added to cocktails for at least a century, whether as one half of an alcoholic beverage or as a dash. It not only adds a lovely fizz, but it also adds a sweetness and flavor


Espresso martinis are trending. It's the cocktail everyone wants for a night out or a romantic night in. Coffee cocktails are decades old.


Grenadine is the vivid, cherry red syrup most typically used to make the Shirley Temple, the grandmother of all mocktails, as well as the Roy Rogers.


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