10 Protein Rich Meals

Pasta Da Vinci copycat


I tried to recreate this high-protein restaurant dish at home. The sauce can be refrigerated or frozen.

Cheeseburger-Bacon Casserole


In a 9x13 pan, this protein-packed dish bakes ground beef, bacon, onions, and cheese.

Meaty Pressure-Cooker Penne


Easy pressure-cooker pasta. With an Italian-dressed chopped salad. Ramekins with sauce and cheese bake leftovers.

Great Curried Chicken with Rice


I first cooked chicken for my husband 54 years ago. His yell? Very good! So named. Broth improves sauce.

Zucchini Enchiladas


Protein lovers enjoy these delicious zucchini-wrapped chicken enchiladas! This recipe will impress your family. It's tasty, textured, and nutritious.

Air-Fried Keto Meatballs


I lost 130 pounds on keto. Air-fried keto meatballs don't need breadcrumbs! I like zucchini noodles or these juicy meatballs alone.

Best Beef Stew


Herbs, red wine, and balsamic vinegar enhance this protein-rich stew. 

Five-Spice Chicken Lettuce Wraps


This lettuce wrap satisfies without carbs. Pickled carrots elevate it. Add taste, crunch, and color to other sandwiches and wraps.

Spicy Olive Pasta Ahead


My grandchildren's favorite baked spaghetti is fancy. It's a warm winter dinner that feels wonderful. Protein makes it energizing.

Glazed Spatchcock Chicken


This dish was based on mustard and preserves. Since then, it has become the star of weeknight meals and festivities.

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