10 Stupid American Foods Nobody Wants To Eat

Cookie Dough

It is uncooked, sticky, and chock-full of chocolate pieces. Raw eggs pose a risk of salmonella, but Americans are intrepid food explorers.

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Krispy Kreme Doughnut

These pastry rings coated in a glossy, sugar-inducing glaze are as American as glazed doughnuts. But let's be honest: Do we really need a dessert that doubles as a sugar bomb, poised to destroy our pancreas?

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Hershey’s Chocolate

Butyric acid gives Hershey's its distinctive flavor, which is tangy. Like Aunt Clara's eccentric holiday fruitcake, existence is a taste that must be acquired.

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Processed Cheese

It's similar to cheese, but not exactly. Think of it as Cheese's fluorescent orange distant cousin who insists on being in every photo at family reunions. This brilliant, mouth-melting delicacy is a national treasure.

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Lobster Mac’n’Cheese

It is a perplexing indulgence when comfort cuisine shows up at a formal dinner party. Imagine macaroni and cheese colliding with an expensive crustacean, as if a carnival and an opera were combined.

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Apple Sauce

"Let's take an excellent apple, cook it until it loses its texture, and puree it into an unidentifiable slurry. Perfect! You've accomplished so much, such as jazz and national parks, but then you do something like apple sauce.

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This pork, water, salt, and preservatives mixture, packaged in a compact blue container, has carved out a niche in the culinary world.

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This delicacy, despite its unassuming appearance, is a culinary paradox. Grits, a common breakfast side dish, can be divisive due to their distinct texture and subtle flavor.

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Americans have a penchant for spreading this creamy condiment on almost everything, from sandwiches to apple pie. However, connoisseurs are perplexed by their aversion to mayonnaise on French fries.

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Pop Tart

It is the "breakfast" of choice for Americans who are in a haste or, let's be honest, too lazy to crack an egg. Imagine a piece of cardboard smeared with a fruity, fluorescent goop and dusted with sugar.

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