10 Things to Buy and Not Buy at Whole Foods

Buy: Almond Milk


Almond milk, which is cheaper than Target's, is creamy, luxurious, and sweet.

Don't buy: Salad Bar Items


With its jewel-toned rows of fresh produce and delectable prepared delicacies, Whole Foods' salad bar should never be purchased.

Buy: Avocado Dairy-Free Ice Cream


Avocado puree and organic sugar provide fruit-based ice cream realism. Store them for sugar cravings. Whole Foods sells cheap sweet avocados.

Don't buy: Certain Meats


Whole Foods' chicken breasts cost twice as much per pound as elsewhere. Whole Foods sells $20 rib-eye steak per pound.

Buy: Frozen Fruit


Frozen fruit may be healthier than fresh because it doesn't lose nutrients on the route to your table.

Don't buy: Prepared Foods


Whole Foods was chastised by Organic Authority for mispricing pre-packaged goods. Avoid Whole Foods' pre-packaged food area whenever possible.

Buy: Canned Beans


Whole Foods wins premium canned beans. Black beans and pintos are cheaper at Whole Foods.

Don't Buy: Eggs


Unless you want to pay a lot for a 12-pack of eggs, avoid Whole Foods.

Buy: Tofu


Whole Foods carries cheap tofu. Tofu is ideal for stir fry because you can buy smaller servings.

Don't Buy: Gluten-Free Items


Big-box stores face more competition than ever as America's gluten-free diet grows.

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