10 Ways to Look Older

Maintaining Past Trends

When out of vogue, clinging to previous styles can make a person look older. Don't follow every trend.

Skipping Beauty Sleep

Skipping beauty sleep makes you wonder, "How old do I look?" Sleep deprivation can create dark circles, swollen eyes, and a poor complexion.

Improper Posture

Bad posture makes you look older. Hunching over your computer or slouching in your chair affects your spine and makes you look exhausted.

Eating Unnutritious Foods

Processed foods, fizzy drinks, and fast food are unhealthy. They lack nutrients needed for healthy cells, tissue, and skin.

It's genetic

How old do I look? Remember that genetics influence aging look. Your genes determine how you age. Your genetics may cause premature graying or wrinkles.

Excessive Basking

Realize the mirror may not be your best friend? You may have overdone the sunbathing. Sunbathing can lead to premature aging and a bronzed complexion.

Oversized Clothing

People cover body defects by wearing garments that are overly big. However, large clothes might age you. Unfit clothes can make you look disheveled and old.

Over-Cleansing Your Face

Overwashing your face might prematurely age you. Aiming for that squeaky clean feel might rob your skin of its natural essential oils, causing dryness and early agin

Alcoholic Overdose

We've all had times when one glass of wine became a bottle or a casual drink became a party. Alcohol dehydrates. Puffy eyes and bloating age you.

Insufficient Hydration

Dehydration secretly ages us. Water is essential for our bodies, especially our skin. Dehydrated skin wrinkles and ages us.

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