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10 Weekend Get-together Ideas


Make airy pancakes with fresh berries and maple syrup for breakfast. A great way to start your weekend celebration.

 Avocado Toast

For a flavor explosion, pair creamy avocado toast with poached eggs and a sprinkling of chili flakes.

Savory Waffles

With crispy waffles, bacon, and a dollop of tart sour cream, you can swap the sweet for the savory..

Eggs Benedict

On toasted English muffins, poached eggs, Canadian bacon, and silky hollandaise sauce.

Veggie Omelette 

Make an omelette with fresh veggies like spinach, tomatoes, and bell peppers for a nutritious snack.

 French Toast

Dip thick slices of bread in an egg, milk, and vanilla mixture. Cook till golden brown and serve with honey drizzle.

Burrito Fiesta

Wrap a warm tortilla with scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa, and your favorite fillings. A delectable portable brunch!

Salmon Bagels

Layer toasted bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, and red onions. Elegant and delectable.


In a glass, alternate layers of yogurt, granola, and fresh fruits. A light brunch choice for a hot day.

Quiche Galore

Make a savory quiche with your favorite fillings, such as spinach and feta, mushroom and cheese, or ham and broccoli.

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