11 Essential Hygiene Tips

1. Clean Your Earrings

“Remove and clean earrings often.” This user advises against smelling them. Yuck. Another says that uncleaned gauges smell like "cat poo."

2.Brush Your Tongue

“Brush your teeth and tongue.” All coffee users should do this, according to hygiene experts. It applies to all. If you gag initially, try a tongue scraper.

3. Clean Your Belly Buttons

Clean bellybuttons. One user suggests lightly massaging your belly button with a rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton swab. Wipe clean. Wet swabs prevent alcohol from drying skin.

4. Less Is More

Tell teenage boys with Axe body spray that less is more with aroma, perfume, and cologne. It doesn't replace showering.

5.Keep Your Nails Clean

Fingernail bacteria proliferate. Handwashing reduces mouth bacteria. 23 times an hour, people touched their faces during Coronavirus. Cut your nails!

6. Wet and Bottom-Up Brush Long Hair

I learnt to brush damp long hair. Start at the ends and move up. Knotted hair is easier.

7. Wash Behind Your Ears

Clean your ears. “It’s not a grandma’s tale.” This person says there are many oil-producing sebaceous glands.

8. Brush Your Teeth at Night

Pediatric dentists suggested mothers brush at night. Dentist agreed. According to one dentist, you brush in the morning to keep your friends and at night to keep your teeth.

9. Wash Your Feet

Always wash your feet and toes. Another advises washing ankles since socks and shoes leave dead skin.

10. Floss Daily

Floss daily. "You only floss the teeth you want to keep," says one user. Floss a tooth in a "c" shape and remove the contact. Repeat on opposite tooth."

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