10 Tourist Destinations Never to Visit Again

A woman recounts traveling alone and being repeatedly warned of danger. She saw a worker snap when a man kept pestering her. She left gladly.


Miami, FL

Camden, NJ

Imagine a warzone where the city can't afford cops. A user said her husband drove a tractor-trailer through Camden and saw how dreary it was.


Paris, France

A user stated, "I hitchhiked to Paris with my boyfriend and was terrified at the amount of crazy people we had to deal with, but also hundreds of rats just running around the streets.


Louis, IL

Local police rarely drive to the gas station. Gas-seeking couple encountered this. Many petrol stations had gangs. Fortunately, the police brought them to a neighboring gas station and observed them pump.


Bogota, Colombia

A kind man showed a woman the city. He pointed out the city's tallest structure as they walked. He grabbed her chain and ran when she looked up.



"Passport control was like a pile of zombies trying to break down this fence," someone claimed. Ten shouted at this fence. We realized we couldn't turn back outside the gate.


Chicago, IL

San Francisco-New York road vacation for this pair. They stopped to lunch in Chicago and were suddenly worried. The pair departed shortly after seeing the streets were deserted.


Montreal, Canada

People are afraid to leave home, therefore the streets are empty. The mayor has closed all but a few grocery stores and gas stations.


Cleveland, OH

After a half-hour inspection, someone stole his trunk and spare tire. After reporting the theft, the police lectured him, surprising him.


Morocco, Africa

After refusing money, a beggar wounded himself. They soon took a cab back to the hotel and spent the rest of their vacation there.


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