12 US Cities to Increase Your Income

Chesapeake, Virginia


After meeting your basic necessities in lovely Chesapeake, Virginia, your wallet will still be full. Housing and groceries are the main costs.

Round Rock, Texa


Healthcare prices $5,054.00 and grocery bills $4,948.72 are cheaper than average in Round Rock, Texas.

Pearland, Texas


Pearland has above-average wages. After paying $7,091.14 for transportation and $15,326.25 for housing, the average household earns $87,574.44.

Virginia Beach, Virginia


Virginia Beach has below-average utility and transportation costs of $4,100.53 and $5,568.36, respectively. After expenses, you'll have $65,431.27.

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Minneapolis has affordable utilities and healthcare. After addressing your basic necessities, you'll have $57,642.65 left.

Raleigh, North Carolina


Raleigh, North Carolina, has lower-than-average utility and transportation expenditures of $4,184.99 and $5,034.25 yearly.

Olathe, Kansa


Olathe, Kansas, a gem in the heartland, offers a comfortable living with utilities and transportation prices below the national average.

Midland, Texas


Midland, Texas, stretches your money. After covering needs, you'll have $81,589.99. Midland's surplus attracts high-income residents.

Charlotte, North Carolina


Charlotte, North Carolina, has a high average household income and low prices for essentials. It attracts those seeking a balance between income and expenses.

Rochester, Minnesota


Rochester, Minnesota, lets you live comfortably on less. Rochester's excess and excellent quality of living make it attractive.

Broken Arrow, Illinoi


Broken Arrow, Illinois, has the lowest average house prices.Although annual healthcare costs are rather high.

Aurora, Illinoi


Income goes far in Aurora, Illinois. Aurora tops our ranking for income-to-cost ratio due to its good quality of life and dynamic community.

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