5 Tips for Hydrating Skin

Drink Enough Water


Water doesn't moisturize your skin. However, it retains cell hydration and plumps skin.

Use Hydrating Skin Care


Hydrating skin care products block water loss. Humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin draw moisture from the air and body to hydrate your skin.

Get Sufficient Sleep


The body repairs itself and rebalances skin moisture by sweating more at night. To benefit from these natural processes, get eight hours of sleep.

Always Wear Sunscreen


Sunscreen guards against UV damage. UV radiation can dehydrate you as you sweat. It damages skin cells, which might lead to additional concerns.

Use a Humidifier 


Dry air dehydrates your skin, making your body work harder. The preceding preventative steps help keep your skin hydrated, but weather and climate cannot.

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