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5 Worst Frozen Food To Buy At Costco

These Pancakes should be reserved for special occasions rather than as a daily breakfast option, given the abundance of other pancake options that are rich in fiber and protein.

Kellogg's Eggo Pancakes, Buttermilk


This dish is made with ultra-processed meat, a product linked to an increased risk of certain types of cancer when consumed in excess. 

Kirkland Signature Italian Sausage and Beef Lasagna


it is loaded with calories, saturated fat, and sodium and contains very few good-for-you nutrients making it a less-than-ideal item to toss into your Costco cart if you're attempting to improve your overall health,

Motor City Pizza Co. Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza


A Costco-sized box of this chicken-based corn dog is unnecessary. One serving has 20% of the daily recommended saturated fat and 30% of the daily recommended sodium, but no beneficial nutrients.

Foster Farms Jumbo Chicken Corn Dogs


This "old school" deli sandwich is not a nutritious option. It's even worse when you buy it in abundance and have eight ready-to-eat sandwiches in your freezer. 

Raybern's Deli Style Sandwich, Pastrami & Cheese


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