7 Costly Travel Mistakes

1. Hotel overspending

Thai said overpaying on rooms is a significant money trap for vacationers. “A comfortable stay doesn’t have to be expensive. Avoid overpaying for premium hotels in desirable areas. 

2. Tourist-Trap Dining

Thai remarked, "Another common mistake is falling into the tourist trap of expensive and mediocre restaurants." Instead of tourist spots, eat cheaply at local restaurants and street vendors.

3. Foreign transaction fees

“One of the things people spend the most money on unnecessarily are foreign transaction fees.”When using a credit card abroad, always pay in the local currency. 

4. Overpacking

“Plan your outfits and consider the weather and activities at your destination to optimize packing. Traveling light saves money and gives you freedom and convenience.”

5. Avoiding Public Transit

Overspending on taxis or other expensive transit can stem from not researching local transportation options.Use buses, trains, or subways, which are cheaper.

6. Booking Expensive Tours

People think they have to pay several thousand dollars and have a tour operator handle everything to visit a more difficult place.You'll save a lot by booking things yourself.

7. Shopping for Expensive Gifts

Tourist shops charge far more than local markets. Travelers waste money on these costly keychains, tees, and magnets. To buy better, I compare pricing.



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