7 Worst Foods For Your Brain Health

Fried Chicken

Consuming fried food on a regular basis might be detrimental to a person's mental health.

Gummy Bear

GummyBears made primarily of sugar are nutritionally devoid. While glucose is required for energy, excessive sugar consumption can impair memory and increase the risk of dementia.


Fried seafood is associated with impaired cognitive health, and mercury-laden fish should be avoided. The larger swordfish contains more mercury than smaller species.

Hot Dog

Frequent consumption of hot dogs may be detrimental to brain health, particularly if you do not consume enough brain-healthy foods .

Fast Food

Fast food wraps are known to have per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances  which are chemicals that have been linked to many health problems, including problems with our brain health.


Donuts are a triple threat to mental health. The addition of excessive sugar to these foods may impair cognitive function.Donuts are ultra-processed, deep-fried, and harmful for the brain.


If you make your biscuits the usual way, you may subject your body to trans fats, which, if you eat too much of them, can hurt your brain and nervous system.

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