8 McDonald's Fries Facts

They require many components.

McDonald's fries feature several unpronounceable components. Natural sugar for golden fries.


Not vegan-friendly

McDonald's adds beef to potatoes, which are vegetables. If you're not vegan, McDonald's natural beef flavor in the fry's pan-fry oil.


A variety of taters are used.

Russet Burbank, Ranger, Umatilla Russet, and Shepody are the most prevalent. 


Calories are scary.

Medium fries have 340 calories. I'll grab a burger or McFlurry with my fries. Let's not discuss a medium fries and burger's calories.


You can get them for FREE right now.

 Let magic happen. Free medium fries are available every Friday through the end of the year with a $1 purchase.


Salt-free fries hurt.

The fry person must clean down the station, fry scoop, and surroundings for a new batch to keep salt from contaminating the new batch.


If you want fresh fries, just ask.

 McDonald's fries are finest with salt, while another former employee advocates ordering fresh fries instead of salt-free.


You have SO MANY dipping options.

Ketchup, mustard, ranch, ketchup + mayo for DIY Mayochup, McDonald's new Signature Sauce, Tangy BBQ, Honey Mustard, Oreo McFlurry.


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