9 Worst Foods Causing High Blood Sugar

Natural sweeteners Like Honey

 These sugar sources are more natural than refined white sugar, they can still cause blood sugar surges.

Fried food

Fried foods cause an excessive amount of sugar in the blood.Due to the oil used to fry this form of food, it is typically loaded with trans fats.

White potatoe

This food can raise blood sugar levels more quickly than foods with a lower glycemic index.

Foods high in trans fat

This can have a direct effect on your blood sugar levels, as insulin is one of the most essential hormones for regulating blood sugar levels.

Fruit-flavored yogurt

Many fruit-flavored yogurts contain more sugar than other sweets. Instead, try pure Greek or Icelandic yogurt and sweeten it yourself with honey.

Pre-made smoothie

Your smoothie is most likely made primarily of fruit juices, such as a mixture of apple juice and pineapple juice, and it lacks dietary fiber and protein.

Processed carb

Consume them with protein- and fiber-rich foods to reduce their impact on blood sugar.

Sugary cereal

Some cereals may be extremely high in total carbohydrates and devoid of dietary fiber and protein


Regardless of the form of candy you choose, it is unlikely to improve your blood sugar levels. Avoid it until your blood sugar levels are within a safe range.

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