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A Delectable Journey Through 9 US-Russian Food Fusion

Borscht Burger

The Borscht Burger adds a pleasant touch with a succulent beef patty topped with borscht-infused slaw.

Pelmeni Nachos

Pelmeni Nachos Combine two favorites with Pelmeni dumplings coated with melted cheese and topped with fresh herbs.

Blini Benedict

Try the Blini Benedict, a Russian take on Eggs Benedict that includes blinis and smoked salmon.

 Potato Salad

Learn about the Olivier Potato Salad, a cross between Russian Olivier salad and American potato salad.

Cheesy Syrniki

Cheesy Syrniki, a delightful dish that combines Russian syrniki with American cheesecake, is a must-try.

BBQ Ribs

Enjoy Moscow Mule BBQ Ribs, which combine traditional American barbecue with the Russian-inspired Moscow Mule sauce.

Avocado Toast

Discover the unexpected mix of Russian and Californian flavors with herring and avocado on toast.

Apple  Pie

Apple Sharlotka Pie, a Russian apple cake with an American pie twist, will satisfy your sweet craving.