Most Romantic US Restaurants for Special Dates

The NYC Enchanted Garden is a fairytale. This restaurant's unique decor and charming patio make for a romantic evening. Enjoy a worldwide flavor fusion.

The Enchanted Garden, NYC

Visit the Moonlit Oasis, a Los Angeles secret. This candlelit restaurant is ideal for a romantic evening. Enjoy their exquisite California food.

Moonlit Oasis - Los Angeles, CA

Visit Miami's Love's Lighthouse. For a romantic evening, this waterfront restaurant has stunning ocean views. Enjoy tropical beverages and delicious seafood.

Love's Lighthouse - Miami, FL

Sweet Serenade Café offers New Orleans flair. This romantic eatery has live jazz and a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy real Cajun and Creole dishes.

Sweet Serenade Café - New Orleans, LA

Amour Heights offers lovely views of San Francisco in the middle of the city. Enjoy their local-sourced gourmet food.

 Amour Heights - San Francisco, CA

Napa Valley's Cupid's Vineyard offers a romantic wine-country experience. This exquisite restaurant overlooks lovely vineyards. Enjoy their farm-to-table food and wine pairings.

 Cupid's Vineyard - Napa Valley, CA

Starry Nights Bistro overlooks Sedona's stars. This cozy eatery serves Southwestern food on a patio.

 Starry Nights Bistro - Sedona, AZ

Love on the Pier in Charleston is a romantic date. Couples will love this seaside eatery. Enjoy Southern-style and seafood cuisine.

Love on the Pier - Charleston, SC

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