Burger King Introduced A Pink Barbie Burger In Brazil

This is not Burger King's debut performance. The fast-food establishment has a history of including unusual items on its international menus.

Japan embraced the koru black ninja burger, which featured a black bun and a massive slab of bacon.

There was the pizza-sized "pizza burger" consisting of four burger patties on a nine-inch bun garnished with mozzarella, marinara, and pepperoni.

 It has conducted promotions in the past, unveiling a seven-patty burger for the release of Windows 7.

The majority of these burgers can be found on Japanese menus.

 Burger King Thailand has a new, limited-edition "Real Cheese Burger" with 20 slices of American cheese on a sesame bun.

In Brazil, there is now a pink Burger King burger to commemorate the "Barbie" film. It consists of a burger patty melted cheddar, and a "smoky pink sauce" crowned with chopped bacon.

The hamburger is served on a seedless brioche bread. It is served with fries, a pink strawberry Nesquik drink, and a pink glazed donut in a meal.

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