Burger King Thailand Has A Crazy Cheesy Sandwich

Fast-food restaurants worldwide have diverse menus. Canadians can get poutine, while Japanese locations sell hot dogs for breakfast.

 Thailand Burger King produced "The Real Cheese Burger." No beef patty is in the sesame seed hamburger bun.

The sandwich only has 20 pieces of American cheese. If that's not enough.

The fast-food eatery lets customers add more slices to the sandwich.

The sandwich costs 109 Thai baht (about $3.14 USD) till July 13. After that, the price would rise to 380 baht ($10.95).

Customers seem to like the sandwich's rarity.CNN claims that one Bangkok Burger King refused delivery orders to prepare sandwiches for in-store consumers.

Thai Burger King consumers have started posting about the meal.

This ultra-cheesy sandwich is only available in Thailand, but its basic ingredient list makes it easy to cook at home.

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