Chicken Fry Trials at Burger King

Burger King's chicken fries are a staple of the fast food franchise, and the business appears to be testing out new preparations.

On July 24, Burger King will introduce chicken & waffle fries and chicken parm fries to the Boston, Massachusetts market.

These sweet and savory options will be available for a limited time, and they will infuse a consumer favorite with new flavors.

 The chicken & waffle fries, however, will be coated in a sweet waffle batter and served with a cup of syrup for dunking.

Due to their limited availability, customers will not want to delay in attempting these products.

Due to the trial phase of Burger King's new chicken fries, they are only available in select Boston-area locations.

Burger King's notification states that its new products are available "while supplies last.

The new varieties of chicken fries perform well in the Boston market, we can't help but ponder if the fast-food chain will eventually introduce them in other regions.

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