Domino's will deliver itself

Domino's relationship with Uber Eats and Postmates is unusual, so this latest revelation shouldn't jeopardize these bright new toys or delivery drivers' jobs.

Domino's drivers will continue deliver pizzas, wings, and dipping sauces purchased through these apps.

Domino's will still be the face our customers see at the door. while Uber will be providing us with adequate data to understand delivery efficiency and incrementality.

Domino's ordering app, established years ago, will remain operating.

 The partnership was made to make Domino's available to at-home eating consumers who only use applications like Postmates and Uber Eats to identify places to order from.

These customers—possibly millions of them—aren't considering Domino's as a dinner choice.

Domino's can now reclaim those consumers. By year's end, Uber Eats and Postmates' relationship will be nationwide after the fall test.

As the No. 1 pizza company in the world, it is not surprising that Domino's is a brand people have been asking for on Uber Eats' global platform

Domino's commitment to third-party delivery apps is noteworthy, even though it will begin slowly in four pilot regions this autumn.

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