How to Plant Bareroot Roses 

Grow your roses. Choose a sunny spot. Permanent, away from competing trees and shrubs. Don't plant a rose where it died.

Preparing bare-root roses 


Soak roots in a bucket of water for two to 12 hours. Remove damaged or lengthy roots.

Dig a 12-18 inch deep, 2 foot wide hole.


Mix two shovelfuls of decomposed manure or compost into the hole's bottom soil. Plant and root it. Shovel yourself. Own-root roses are different from grafted ones. They grow roots without a knobby bud union from cuttings. Plant them one inch deeper.

Half-fill the planting hole.


Drain after adding water. It settles the soil. Water again and fill the hole with earth.

Remove one-third of fresh roses.


Remove dead or broken wood to grow strong canes. Minimize pruning when planting container-grown roses. Feed after leaves and canes grow.

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