McDonald's Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon QPC

McDonald's has experimented with melty cheeses and jalapeño toppings over the years.

Fans still want the 1984 Cheddar Melt, which returned twice. The Jalapeño Kicker and Double debuted in 2013 and 2014.

 McDonald's is "rolling out a spicier, cheesier take on the classic Quarter Pounder with Cheese" in summer 2023

McDonald's is launching the Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a spicy Egg McMuffin

McDonald's Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese on its first day and are ready to report. The burger has lots of cheese but no beans!

The Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon QPC has a slice of McDonald's American cheese, but its saucier cheddar cheese sibling, which is messy between the burger and bun

 Its mild nacho cheese flavor begs for extra cheddar in the sandwich. The jalapeños are crisp and fragrant.

 McDonald's pickles are normally scarce in sandwiches. The sandwich's jalapeños aren't hot but provide flavor.

Applewood smoked bacon tastes like bacon and adds crispness, but it appears to have been cooked before being added to this Quarter Pounder.

The burger is overshadowed by the toppings, but the salty and peppery seasoning shines, especially if one smells this new food.

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