McDonald's Soft-Launches Spicy Jalapeño Egg McMuffin

McDonald's new breakfast is available in select locations.

 The chain's Cheesy Jalapeño Egg McMuffin has jalapeño slices, an egg between two toasty English muffins.

Breakfast sandwiches can be customized by substituting biscuits for muffins or cheese slices for cheese sauce.

The new sandwich is only available at McDonald's stores in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Southern California

 The fast food chain may not offer the morning sandwich nationwide.

Even virtually nothing is known about the new McDonald's morning sandwich's release, a Reddit post shows.

The Cheesy Jalapeño Egg McMuffin's worldwide debut date is August 15 on Reddit, but there's no official notification.

McDonald's newest breakfast item's destiny is uncertain, but heat-loving customers have clearly taken notice.

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