Unknown Facts About Women

Heartbeats that Set the Rhythm 


Female hearts are smaller. The heart beats 8 times faster than a man's due to this disparity. Despite its smaller size, the faster rate maintains blood circulation.

Pain Perception: Two-Sided


Research shows women can tolerate more pain than males. in labor. Because of their higher pain tolerance, women may miss vital symptoms.

Skin-Deep Differences 


Women's skin is 25% thinner than men's and more sensitive. Women may wrinkle earlier than men because to this.

The Magic of Childbirth  


Pregnancy can stretch the uterus 500 times. The body's flexibility allows it to shrink back after childbirth.

The Puzzle of Body Fat 


Pregnancy prepares women to hold more fat than males. Estrogen makes women digest fat slower than men.

Lifespan Longevity 


Globally, women outlive men. Stronger immune systems and healthier lifestyles may contribute to this lifespan.

Flexible Ligaments 


Women's muscles tend to be more flexible than men's, which lets them move more. This can help you in things like yoga or gymnastics where you need to be flexible.

The Color Spectrum 


Men have a harder time distinguishing colors than women. The X-chromosome contains the gene for color vision.

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