Oreos Are The Origin Of Dessert

Cookies and cream has become an iconic flavor in the world of desserts thanks to Oreo's creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie. 

 "Milk's Favorite Cookie" has been around for almost a century, although the concept of cookies & cream-flavored goods did not exist until 1979. 

 Dairy scientist Joe Leedom, who was looking for a fresh, original ice cream flavor, initially devised the combination of Oreo cookie and vanilla ice cream. 

What he uncovered was the well-known cookies and cream. Cookies and cream-flavored desserts may be found almost anywhere, from scoops and cones to slices of cheesecake and brownies.

Oreo boasts over 85 varieties, including fan favorites like as red velvet, golden Oreo, and peanut butter pie, but nothing beats the classic combination of a layer of cream sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits. 

The flavor combination is so popular that additional cookie recipes have been cookies and cream-ified, resulting in a confection creation that has us seeing double.

These cookie-within-a-cookie wonders are not only delicious, but also artistically gorgeous. The black and white flashes of color throughout the cookie dough make a dessert worthy of your Instagram feed.

Pour even more cookies and cream on top for an even more elevated cookies-and-cream cookie!

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