Our Whole Lives We've Used These Products Wrong

Wet toothbrushes in dark cabinets grow bacteria. Keep your toothbrush in a cup on your counter.

Avoid Storing Your Toothbrush in the Medicine Cabinet.

People don't realize they can modify their freezer's temperature to make ice cream scoopable and prevent frost buildup.

Avoid Low Freezer Temperatures

Your fingertips transmit microorganisms on your face when you apply makeup.

Avoid Finger Foundation Application

Before using your stand mixer, chill the bowl and beater for the tastiest baked goods.

Pre-chill Your Stand Mixer

Some people assume you can reuse your coffee maker without cleaning it because you'll use it again.

Coffeemaker Cleaning

Use wooden and plastic utensils unless you want to ruin your non-stick pans.

Metal Utensils Damage Non-Stick Pans.

Some mascara users pump their wand in and out of the tube to coat it.

Don't Pump Mascara

Some people condition their hair from the roots down. Do the opposite.

Avoid Conditioning Your Scalp First.

Leave your toaster plugged in and a fire could start. Unlikely, but possible.

Unplug Your Toaster

To quickly break a Toblerone bar, push the triangle toward the remainder of the bar instead of pulling it away.

Eating Toblerone

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