Poisoning Risk: Never Eat These Things Fresh

Green beans 

As most people know, green beans are poisonous unless cooked for at least ten minutes to kill the toxic protein compound phasin.


Eggplants, a popular oven vegetable, contain solanine, a neurotoxic that causes headaches, nausea, and gastrointestinal discomfort in excessive doses.


Potatoes generate solanine like eggplants. Raw tubers are also tough to digest due to their high carbohydrate content. So enjoy as a fried potato!


Both black and red elderberries should not be eaten raw. Only at 80 degrees do they lose the poisonous sambunigrin.


If you're not a mushroom specialist, be cautious. Except for mushrooms used as salad garnishes, you should never consume mushrooms raw.


Salads and smoothies typically include raw spinach. However, only young leaves with less oxalic acid should be used. Reheating spinach creates nitrite, so don't do it.


Chard, like spinach, has oxalic acid but is not related. The stems are not harmful but should not be eaten uncooked due to the fibers.


Rhubarb is actually a vegetable. Like spinach and chard, it contains unprocessed oxalic acid, which can also damage teeth.

Egg yolk  

Athletes swear by a raw egg in the morning. However, eating raw animal products can spread salmonella.

Chicken meat  

Nearly raw beef is a matter of taste, but other meats, especially chicken, carry a greater danger of infection. Always roast through here.



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