Science Disproves Myths You Believed

1. You Can Catch a Cold From Being Cold

The biggest myth is false. Viruses cause colds. Only infectious persons or surfaces can spread colds. Colds increase infection risk but don't cause them.

2. Drink Eight Glasses of Water Daily

More pseudoscience. Weight, exercise, climate, and nutrition affect water demands. Water intake guidelines vary. Drink when thirsty and avoid dehydrating liquids like alcohol and coffee.

3. Your Brain Uses 10%

Novels and movies spread this lie. Not simultaneously. Different brain regions control memory, language, vision, emotion, and more. Brain areas vary with ideas and behaviors. Always thinking.

4.Shaving thickens and darkens hair.

Shaved ladies believe this. Shaving doesn't thicken or color hair. It cuts only the thinner, lighter hair shaft tip. Blunt ends thicken and darken hair.

6.Cracking Knuckles Causes Arthritis

This misconception may frighten you if you break knuckles or joints. Cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis. Joint lubricant bubbles cause cracking. Bones and cartilage are unharmed.

7. Mother's Belly Shape Reveals Baby's Gender 

Pregnancy myth. Some say girls have round, high bellies and boys low, pointed ones. Belly shape doesn't affect baby gender. Baby size, location, amniotic fluid, mother's muscular tone, and body type determine it. 

8. Carrots Improve Eyesight

WWII propaganda about British airmen eating carrots for night vision may have created this. Carrots' vitamin A improves eyesight but not night vision. Carrots prevent night blindness in vitamin A deficient people.

9.Humans Have Five Sense

Childhood myth. Humans have more senses. Vestibular, thermal, nociceptive, proprioceptive, and gustatory sensations exist. Scientists say we have over 20 senses.

10. Lightning Never Repeats.

This myth may comfort lightning-prone residents. Repeated lightning strikes are possible. Lightning strikes trees, towers, and buildings. If left, lightning may strike again.

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