Shoppers at TJ's Say Is Too Dangerous 


Passionate Trader Joe's shoppers. TJ's frozen peas and Spicy Chakri Mix draw crowds. TJ's customers will weigh in if it's sold there.


Trader Joe's biggest followers can find all of those opinions on the Trader Joe's Subreddit. Can't Stop Eating the Elote Corn Chips was the caption on a chip photo submitted recently.


 Trader Joe's website described the chips as having "a hint of chipotle, a kick of smoky heat, and a bit of buttermilk-y tang.


Some chip lovers thought these are tasty enough without sauces, but others suggested innovative dips.


One user said that Try them with the caramelized onion dip Unreal.


Some say they buy 3-4 bags of these chip dippers because they're so wonderful.


Some customers remark they're hot and hard.It hurts my teeth. One Redditor wished they were softer. Another said, "Too spicy."


It's not often that a chip has its own Reddit topic, so grab a bag at TJ's. Best part? Stock up since each bag costs $2.69. 

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