Small Kitchen Decor Ideas 

Use a Round Table 

A little circular table is the greatest small kitchen design option for seats. Banquette seating does not require chair clearance.

Remove Upper Cabinet

Taking down upper cabinets, even a couple, opens up a compact kitchen. Put daily-use dishes on shelves to avoid dust.

Create Openness 

Small kitchens are affected by drywall removal. A modest kitchen window lets in natural light, creates a breakfast bar, and lets chefs chat with the next room.

Play with Color

This little kitchen uses color smartly for renters. A band of warm pink paint towards the ceiling gives dimension to the basic kitchen.

Build a Plate Rack

This slim DIY plate rack displays favorites in style. A simple frame with shelves and dowel rods holds platters, dishes, cookbooks, and more.

Build to the Ceiling

Ceiling-height cabinets makes this little kitchen feel big. A stone backsplash and countertop with veining that matches the blue-gray cabinets offer beauty and serenity.

Opt for Small-Scale Appliance

Small equipment can greatly improve kitchen functionality. Most equipment, such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, are available in narrow or short sizes at comparable pricing.

Use Hanging Storage

Copper cookware saves cabinet space on a pot rack. Hang the rack from the ceiling or over a window to save wall space in a tiny kitchen.

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