Taco Bell's Sauces Rated Worst to Best

1.  Creamy Jalapeno

Great sauces are hard to find. Many condiments are tasteless. So you recall the finest one.

2. Diablo

Diablo spice territory is a horrible place of dreadful infernos and immeasurable pain. Beware Taco Bell's Diablo Sauce's boiling oceans.

3. Red Enchilada Sauce

Sweet and spicy make a great flavor combination that goes well with many savory items. When balancing a dish, both flavors ensure that neither one dominates.

4. Creamy Chipotle

Chipotle chiles spice up any dish. They're hot and flavorful, unlike many hot sauces. Adding chipotle chiles prevents a dish from tasting like agony.

5. Fire

Despite the pain, spicy food lovers like burning their tongues. Those who can eat a hot food without fear know how satisfying it is.

6. Avocado Ranch

Combining two creamy meals risks making something overly rich. This may deter Taco Bell customers from Avocado Ranch.

7. Hot

When a dish's label or description says "hot," but it's not spicy, it's a huge letdown for heat lovers.

8.Spicy Ranch

Ranch, a popular salad dressing, appears to sneak into unexpected foods like pizza. Ranch's creamy, coat-your-mouth, cooling flavor goes well with many savory items.

9. Nacho Cheese

Nachos aren't complete without melting yellow cheese. Because plain chips are uninteresting, cheese is almost essential.

10. Mild

. Food should hit you in the mouth with amazing flavors. Avoid Taco Bell's Mild Sauce if you want a nice tongue wallop.

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