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The 8 Best Meat Cuts For Deep Frying

Chicken thighs deep-fry well.  Chicken legs are a close second to chicken thighs in fat and shape.

Chicken thighs


Tender, thin cube steaks are the meaty glory of chicken-fried steak.

Cube steaks


Pork loin, one of the most prevalent cuts at the butcher, is known for being dry and flavorless. Pork loin's adaptability makes it a great kitchen guinea pig.

Pork loin


Chicken wings have a new competitor. Turkey wings add spice to your game-day buffet.

Turkey wings




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Crispy chicken livers make deep-fried food great. Chicken livers contain protein, iron, and Vitamins A, B, and C.

Chicken livers


Pork chops are notoriously dull. Their simplicity actually makes them strong. Pork chops are lean, cheap, and flavor sponges.

Pork chops


Veal mixes the richness of red meat with the leanness of pork chops for a soft, juicy bite unlike any other protein.

Veal cutlets


Northwesterners like their steaks crispier than sizzling on the grill. Idaho bars have served golden-fried finger steaks for almost 50 years.

Sirloin steak


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