The Ideal Beef Cuts For Sugar Steak

Sugar sirloin, which was created at Bastien's Restaurant in Denver, is straightforward to prepare.

It is a piece of meat coated with a marinade that is heavy on white sugar

At Bastien's, sugar steak is only served rare or medium-rare and is only available on the New York strip and ribeye.

While the precise reason for this is unknown, it is likely that cooking a sugar steak past medium-rare.

NY strips and ribeyes have sufficient inherent flavor to withstand the sweet seasoning.

 Even though it is renowned for its tenderness, filet mignon is a slender cut of meat.

 Less robust in flavor will be a steak with a lower fat content.

The sugar rub used at Bastien's and online variants are quite assertive and require a robust, beefy steak to maintain equilibrium.

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