Top 10 Disobedient Dogs

Afghan Hounds chase prey all day. Instead of following their owner, these sighthounds had to think for themselves to track prey.

Afghan Hound

Chow Chows are cat-like. They're aloof, independent, dignified, smart, and unyielding. Due to their stubbornness, they often ignore your requests unless you can persuade them.

Chow Chow

Basenjis are cat-like like Chow Chows. Like the Afghan Hound, they were bred to hunt alone. The "barkless dog" is not quiet. They chortle and yodel. Your neighbors may not like the sound.


Bulldogs were stubborn because they drove cattle to market and participated in bull-baiting.


The Bloodhound was bred to track deer and boar and needed to think for himself when hunting.Bloodhounds are tireless and follow their noses.


The Pekingese was bred as a lap dog for Chinese royals, not for obedience or agility. They act like royalty, making teaching them difficult.


Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers, rabbits, foxes, and boar. Brave, independent, and stubborn. Housebreaking and training them is notoriously difficult.


Welsh Terriers, like many of these breeds, were developed to hunt alone. They dislike following orders because they were raised to think for themselves. Welsh Terriers love to play.

Welsh Terrier

The Borzoi, a dog trained to hunt wolves, is independent and disobedient. Borzoi, often known as Russian Wolfhounds, will chase anything.


Beagles were designed to hunt tiny animals all day, so training them to obey your directions is difficult. To train them, you need imagination.


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