Top 15 Steak Cuts



Ribeye, a juicy, tender, tasty steak, is a steakhouse favorite. It is marbled and comes from the shoulder-loin area. Grill or pan-roast ribeye for optimum results.



Flank, or London broil, is a long, flat cut from the cow's midsection. Marinated and grilled to medium-rare, flank can be soft and delicious. Be careful not to cook.



Hanger steak is much more delicate and tasty than flank steak, Hanger tastes like ribeye and New York Strip but costs less. 



Flap steak originates from the bottom sirloin. Marinate and grill or sear over high heat to get a crust, but keep the interior medium rare for optimal texture.

Chuck Roast


It's rich and flavorful, but it's tougher, so it's best cooked slowly in a pot roast or other braise. Liquid-cooked beef becomes fork-tender and delicious.

Filet Mignon


Filet mignon is delicate and mild-flavored. It's best cooked medium-rare because it's tenderloin and has little fat. Filet mignon tastes great with loads of flavor or a sauce.



Porterhouse is a steakhouse staple. It is perfect for sharing. Grill, broil, pan-sear, or reverse-sear Porterhouse for perfection.

New York Strip


NY Strip is a robust, meaty steak with a strong texture. It's a shell steak, cut from the short loin under the ribs, with good fat marbling. Kansas City steak is bone-in NY Strip.

Tri Tip


This slim, delicious cut is popular in South America and has gained popularity in the U.S. To sear and tenderize tri-tip, grill or broil.

Flat Iron


Flat Iron has the tenderness of filet mignon and the beefy flavor of NY Strip. The Flat Iron is sliced from the top blade, which has less connective tissue than the chuck.

Top Sirloin


Top sirloin is thick, flavorful, and inexpensive. Top sirloin is the cow's top sirloin. It's lean, firm, and meaty since it's exercised a lot.

Short Ribs


Short ribs, cut from the chuck-rib area, feature the dramatic marbling of rib steaks with the rich, meaty flavor of chuck steak. Both types are seared, liquid is added.

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