BEST 8 Fast Food Fries CHAINS


When they have the audacity to call them "World Famous Fries," you know they're good. This phrase is protected by McDonald's copyright. Because their fries are so delicious. 

Five Guys

With a texture that hits the ideal balance between crispiness and moistness, these fries are perfectly salted every time.


Many individuals may be unaware that WingStop sells fries, but . In truth, WingStop offers some of the finest fast food fries in the area. 

Burger King

Burger King's french fries are produced with real potatoes, but they also contain potato starch, rice flour, and a few other select ingredients to enhance the crispiness and seasoning.


In some locations, they're still quite large, and at first inspection, the fries resemble those served at McDonald's. It is the fry that comes closest to a McDonald's fry, but it lacks the unique flavor that sets Mickey D's apart. 

Del Taco

 Their crinkle cut potatoes have a familiar flavor, just like the ones your mother made on Wednesday nights. They are not attempting to be anything that fries shouldn't be, like some other taco restaurants we can think of.


In a world of standard fast food french fries, Arby's curly fries stand apart. They are a vibrant orange color, and when every other fry is straight-faced, they are not. 

Nathan's Famous

Their french potatoes are delicious. It is a crinkle-cut fry that is a little larger than usual and bursting with potato flavor. It is neither too crisp nor too flexible to be durable. 

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