Trader Joe's Sells Tangy Pickle Cheese Curds

One of Trader Joe's most recent additions capitalizes on the current pickle craze.

In the past few years, pickles and foods with a pickle flavor have garnered significant attention.

 Companies are launching everything from pickle-flavored Ranch dressing to pickle-flavored strong seltzer,

The limited-edition Trader Joe's appetizer Beehive Cheese's Pickle Curds combine cheese curds with pickle seasoning.

 It is one of the supermarket's many pickle-flavored products, and one of the most versatile.

Pickle Curds are the most recent Trader Joe's item for brine aficionados.

Last May, the grocery store introduced a pickle-flavored seasoning blend called Seasoning in a Pickle

 Pickle-flavored falafel, hummus, mustard, potato chips, and mini corndogs.

 Pickle Curds are a seasonal item, so they may only be available during the summer.

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