Understanding Pregnancy In Dogs

Conception is the first step in a dog pregnancy. During this stage, the male dog's sperm fertilizes the female dog's eggs.

 It normally happens during a female's heat cycle, when she is ready to mate. Conception signifies the beginning of a 63-day gestation period.

Within a few weeks of fertilization, the earliest signs of pregnancy may occur. Early symptoms include decreased appetite, tiredness, and nipple enlargement. 

The development of the puppies accelerates around halfway during the gestation period. 

An ultrasound may be performed by the veterinarian to confirm the pregnancy and to monitor the puppies' health.

At this point, it's critical to focus on a healthy diet, exercise, and creating a stress-free atmosphere for the mother.

Mother dogs begin nesting near the end of gestation. She may get restless and prepare her bed for delivery.

Labor starts differently in dogs. Panting, pacing, and pain are signs. Mother dogs may rest between puppies. 

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