Unexpected Ingredients to Improve Homemade Cake

Brown butter

Many cake recipes call for either oil or butter as the fattening agent, but brown butter can elevate your cake to the next level.


It is smoky, savory, and a staple of breakfasts across the United States; it can also be used to make a confection more extravagant. This is pork! 

Sour cream

For years, sour cream has been a baker's secret ingredient. This cream, which is especially popular in Eastern Europe, is produced with a bacteria culture that imparts a distinct sourness. 

Instant pudding

Instant pudding can add a layer of creaminess and moisture to your cake. You may use any pudding flavor that complements your confection


Others use Dr. Pepper or root beer in place of cola (Pepsi or similar brands also work) to add moisture to cakes.


Buttermilk is a common ingredient in cookery. This tart dairy product is an essential ingredient in a light, brittle cake. 


How about sauerkraut in a cake? This is not an error. It comes out that this is the ingredient that will forever alter your chocolate cake, as sauerkraut keeps the cake moist and fudgy. 

Mashed potatoes

Potato mash -- in a cake? Although you may consider mashed potatoes to be more of a Thanksgiving side dish, they can elevate your chocolate cake by retaining moisture.

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