Waffle House Workers Strike for Fair Pay and Safer Conditions

Waffle House workers in Columbia, South Carolina, went on a three-day strike Saturday to protest working conditions and unjust wages.

Employees at 428 Garners Ferry Road walked out at 10 a.m., demanding changes to their dangerous workplace, low compensation, and bad scheduling.

The Union of Southern Service Workers petitioned management before the walkout.

Shootings and violent situations at the location have workers worried. Marshawna Parker heard gunshots and customers threw objects at her.

Columbia's Waffle House workers also object to the company's "meal deduction" policy, which deducts $3 to $6 from their salaries to fund a meal

Waffle House is proud of its lengthy history of resolving Associate problems.

This strike shows the growing power of organized labor in chain eateries.

The Union of Southern Service Workers, representing Waffle House workers, was created in South Carolina's capitol in November.

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