Worst Foods To Buy At Aldi

Pre-ripened avocados

Aldi sells avocados. They're expensive. Since there are no regulations, avocados and other fruits advertised as ripe or ready-to-use often aren't or are a day from rotting. Avoid, plan, and save.

Chicken and turkey

Aldi's prices are low, but not all of their discounts are good. When compared to Kroger and Walmart, Aldi's chicken and turkey prices were consistently higher.

 Pizza and pizza crust

Pizza night—who doesn't? Aldi's pizzas and crusts aren't great, but they're fine for nights when you can't cook. If you're looking for a quick but satisfying supper, their store brand pizzas are lacking in toppings and seasoning.

Those super-cheap vegetables

Farmers pay for cheap produce. Irish farmers protested Aldi's 2014 10% vegetable price decrease. Aldi's refusal to pay farmers enough to invest in machinery, repairs, and innovations is a major issue.


Sweet cereal tastes great. Cereals from Aldi are sweetened. Aldi's Harvest Morn Choco Rice's sugar level increased 18.2% between 2012 and 2015. Choice rated two Aldi breakfast cereals 5-stars. Power Grain & Honey Nut Corn Flakes received 2.5 ratings.

Plastic-wrapped produce

Aldi buyers know to bring bags, but they've seen Styrofoam-wrapped vegetables. NSW stores discarded one ton of plastic wrap in 2015. Packaged vegetables contradict your cotton shopping bag.


Even though milk is essential, Aldi and Lidl have been accused of pushing dairy producers. Everyone likes to save, yet a few pennies on that carton of milk put entire enterprises out of business.

Dairy products with carrageenan

Carrageenan's danger is unknown. Prevention warns this natural thickener, typically added to low-fat and fat-free dairy products, may increase cancer risk and stomach difficulties.